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Powering the Energy Transition 

The world is going electric—and it starts with Avalon. Batteries that power electric vehicles (EVs) and other products rely on highly engineered critical minerals, such as lithium. Avalon is an advanced manufacturing company focused on sourcing, processing, and distributing the materials that will drive our world toward a more sustainable future. 

Lithium Processing

Building Ontario’s First Lithium Supply Chain

Thunder Bay

Lithium mineral deposits in northern Ontario, and EV battery gigafactories in the south. Avalon is creating Ontario’s first “midstream” bridge to connect the two—with a sustainable processing facility located in Thunder Bay that will accept feedstock from multiple producers and establish the region’s first integrated lithium supply chain. 

Lithium Processing

Commercializing Our Critical Minerals Assets

Avalon has a valuable collection of critical minerals assets. Now our mission is to commercialize multiple projects—starting with Separation Rapids. In July 2023, we formed a joint venture with SCR-Sibelco NV to develop the 10.08 Mt petalite deposit located in Kenora, Ontario. 

Avalon understands that best-in-class cooperation is key. In July 2023, we entered into a partnership with Metso Corp., a global leader in providing sustainable technologies for minerals and metals processing. The Finnish firm employs over 16,000 people in close to 50 countries with sales of EUR 5.3 billion (2022) and is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki. 

Collaborating with World-Class Experts  

We have bold ambitions—and a realistic roadmap to achieve them. Our new management team carefully evaluates strategic partnerships where necessary to meet financing requirements and generate positive value for shareholders. 

Forming Partnerships to Kickstart Progress 


Avalon Publishes 2023 Sustainability Report to Improve Transparency

Avalon and Sibelco Close Joint Venture to Develop Flagship Lithium Mine


Avalon Expands Metso Partnership for Lithium Processing Facility

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